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We are leading 2D payment gateway provider in this industry with multi-currencies enabled in India, USA, UK, UAE & 180+ countries.

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Pure 2D Process

We are 2D payment gateway provider, we process all payments without OTP as we are using pure 2D gateway systems for the processing which does not contact the bank

High Risk Payment

We accept high risk payments as we are also high risk gateway merchant with low chargeback fees most of our payments are high risk we always offer our best service

Highest Success Rates

Our 2d gateway payment has high success rates of payments and avoids declined from banks which allows customer for increased user experience and sales within the gateway

Easy Exchanges

Our 2d payments gateway allows you to exchange currencies within the dashboard and to withdraw money in the bank account with local currency fast and securely

Blockchain Technology

This technology allows 2d payment gateway to operate securely and take payments without OTP on globally this is very useful for high-risk payments

2D Gateways For NGO

We do offer 2d payment gateway for NGO with international payment gateway we support for non-profit org and many other organizations with high limits

Ceri S, Woodard LLC

Admittance is quite easy and payment system is simple too. No hidden charges imposed. No transaction cost for payment though bank account. Local payments can be received by single integration.

Jasleen R, Onecharity

The view for a specific transaction tells me if the transaction was accepted and what amount was captured and the last four digits of the card used which is plenty of information when trying to resolve the issues above.

Chris L,

I love how simple this portal is and how easy it is to use. It allows for a good amount of customization for customer receipts and I appreciate the batch report availability so that I can confirm what transactions ran and how.

Jhonatan A, JijoSet

Their API was easy to integrate with and our account rep was always responsive and followed through. You can leverage their Fraud Protection services (for a significant fee per transaction of course) which is quite good.


Below we’ve provided some info on how we work, blockchain technology, Payouts, and processing in general.

High risk payments?

We offer payment solutions to businesses in high risk industries, which means that as payment processing providers, our banks are willing to accept the liability for the increased risk associated with those businesses that are categorized as needing a high risk merchant account

2d payment gateway for ngo?

We offer 2d payment gateway for NGO all over the world especially in India which allows them to accepts donations from all over the world and increase the amounts of their donations, 2d international payment gateway for ngo

International 2d payment gateway in india?

Yes, we do offer international 2d payment gateway in India as of most customers are from India, so it helps to provide the best gateway and excellent service all Indian customers

2d payment gateway in USA, Uk, Indonesia, Dubai?

We offer 2d payment gateway in USA , 2d payment gateway in UK, 2d payment gateway in Indonesia, and many more countries if your location is not listed, please contact us we will provide the best solution and 

2d payment gateway for wordpress or any local website ?

We offer 2d payment gateway for WordPress or on any local website which are cloud-based plugin and easy to install even if want to create simple private invoice link we offer it too

Paypal 2d payment gateway ?

We also make Paypal 2d payment gateway who don't have much information about how to apply for it and what documents needed for the PayPal 2d payment gateway, so we are here to help you

Stripe 2d payment gateway ?

We do offer a free consultation for those who want to apply for stripe 2d payment gateway, which can help you guys to grow your business faster and accept payments 

2d payment gateway in Indonesia ?

We provide 2d payment gateway Indonesia as our customers can accept more payments from globally, which helps them to grow their business faster than other

2d payment gateway in China ?

If you are looking for a 2d payment gateway in China, then you are on the right website; we do offer a 2d payment gateway in your country with higher limits, which allows you to accept more payments

2d payment gateway in Turkey ?

If you are looking for a 2d payment gateway in turkey, then we would love to provide you our services with the best support and with higher limits. 

2d payment gateway in Kenya ?

We offer a 2d payment gateway in Kenya as we are a partner with some banks in Kenya, which will allow you to accept payments from all over the world 


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